Wednesday, September 17, 2014

it's been ever so long since i visited my little refuge of words and thoughts here...i suppose there is a direct correlation between that and putting so many ideas onto facebook...perhaps it's  because i seek the instant reaction and gratification available there...i will strive come back to this place more often, especially when in a lyrical or poetic i dig back through the archives, there are things that i barely remember writing and perhaps some good song ideas can be gleaned from, even if no one other than me ever reads the shite contained herein, at least it will be there for whatever use...

Monday, January 02, 2012

early a.m.
oddly warm
desert winter
still air fills with
brown haze as new
year begins the roll of
days toward whatever
inevitability awaits us all
there are those who feel called
by god or other assorted voices in
their heads to lead us on the righteous
path while asylums are filled with ones
possessed with as much clarity and far more
righteousness and compassion and love
in the fight for simple dignity in a
world and time when dignity
goes to those who can
buy it and can't grasp
the worthlessness
of things...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

full scale humbuggery
going on

Thursday, December 22, 2011

some move through life as if
to a soundtrack in perfect time
and others
a poem in search of a rhyme
some seem to barely budge
but are racing in their minds
others busy being busy
making nothing
burning time...

...some days i admit
i set a torch to...
play bass
stare into space
drink coffee
play bass
stare into space
repeat and replay
and all the time wondering
of coming days
are we finding ways to
turn the corner or have we
painted ourselves into one
wondering am i playing
a soundtrack to the crumbling of this
new roman empire
another night becomes
sky lightens through
shaded window
chasing sleep
chasing dreams
ghosts tap my shoulder
tap inside my head
whispered fragments hiss
through dark air
Christmas carols and
twelve-bar blues
another solstice come
and go and some say
the last
as a grand cycle comes
to pass
three hundred sixty five
more circuits around
our nearby star
until we spin off into
or wipe our collective brow
having dodged doom somehow
like a lucky drunk weaving through
galactic traffic
heaving and laughing
at our apparent good fortune
as the spinning continues
winners hoard their winnings
and say poor are such
for sinning

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sitting here watching the cursor blink
waiting for the coffee to kick in
so i might more clearly think...
cruel summer has returned in earnest
and days are spent hidden in the dark
nights still sizzle and spark
marking time until coolness
and sanity return...
seasons will cycle as always
september is inevitable
clarity is not so certain...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a wave of ignorance
sweeps across the land
charlatans scream with
cross in hand instill
in the faithful
explaining who's to
blaring from the radio
we all know who the
culprits are
the ones with enough money
to wash away all their sins
stash away all the winnings
the soul carries nothing
into the next world
a hole will contain the
vessel or it be scattered to
the wind
and those left living will do
just that and perhaps we can
peek in from the other side
now and then
maybe a nudge
a cool breeze
a faint whisper
a sudden mysterious smile
am i hoping
to be a trans-dimensional voyeur?
it is a thought that has occurred to me...